All though the world is upside down right now, It still is a big milestone and achievement and needs to be celebrated!!! So if it is just you, or your family. Let's celebrate your achievement with some photos to last a lifetime!

What if it is just me?

No worries!!!! We will still have fun! And you will get some epic portraits!

Can we shoot in Tuks?

Yeah sure! If you can arrange it, I'd love to!!!

How Long do I wait for my photos?

Aaround 10 days

What if it rains?

Then we make the best of it and shoot in the rain! ;D But if it's possible I have no issue rescheduling just be sure to still have your cap and gown!

Pricing & Packages


- short and sweet-

-20min for 20 retouched and edited photographs.
-available to download from your own gallery
-max 2 persons

R 1500

1 / 3

What to expect from your graduation session?

  • Some formal portraits
  • some informal portraits
  • and if packages allow some family/friends photos

// Please note that none of these sessions includes the actual graduation // sessions can be done before or after the event // 

 // sessions are done in and around Tuks university, additional travel is charged at standard AA rates//