for the low-key couple 2022/2023

To elope: the act of two lovers running away from family and society to get married in secrecy, usually without the knowledge of one's parents and family.

That's one definition I found for the term elopement, and to be honest, I think it's one of the best ways for couples to get hitched, for one simple reason: It gives you freedom. The freedom to throw antiquated traditions overboard. The freedom to follow your heart instead of somebody else's expectations. The freedom to say 'yes' to your significant other without society watching and judging. The freedom to go on an adventure with your favorite person.

Sounds good?

Well, it takes two rebellious romantics to elope. May I suggest you take a rebel with you to document it all?

Okay, so what the actual f*ck is the difference between a micro wedding, elopement, and mini-mony? 🥂


This is a cross between an elopement and a big traditional wedding either because of COVID or you just don't like many people. These 50 or fewer person weddings till include elements of bigger weddings like a band, bridesmaids, photographer, etc.


This package is perfect for smaller and intimate weddings with fewer than 50 guests.

  • 6 hours
  • me + assisting photographer
  • 600 beautiful edited photographs
  • online gallery to download and share from.
  • Travel not included.

R 16 000


What used to be considered a spontaneous runaway of the bride and groom (and maybe a few friends) te get married has now turned into more of a planned event with couples traveling to remote destinations to do them.


Perfect packages for is ideal the lowkey celebrations with your loved once.

  • 4 hours
  • me as your photographer
  • 400 beautiful edited photographs
  • online gallery to download and share from.
  •  R 2 500 per hour if you more time.
  • Travel not included.

R 12 000


a term coined by THE KNOT that has been applied to ceremonies taking place during COVID for couples who have had to postpone their wedding. It's a way to still get married on your original wedding date with the expectation of doing the full celebration on a postponed date.


This package is perfect for the couple that just wants to get f*cking married already.

  • 2 hours
  • me as your photographer
  • 200 beautiful edited photographs
  • online gallery to download and share from.
  • Travel not included.

R 8 000

I’m based in Pretoria but don't mind traveling for love, we charge standard AA rates per km.

If our travel time will exceed two hours, please remember to add a little extra to your budget for one night’s accommodation at a B&B. If the travel time will take 3-4 hours travel time, please budget for two nights' accommodation at a B&B. If your wedding will take place in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Western Cape, or the Northern Cape I might have to fly to the location. Please remember to budget for a flight, a rental car & two nights' accommodation at a B&B.

If you are planning to get married overseas, give me a call. ( We might just shoot your wedding for FREE if you fly us out)

Once you decided to make use of my services a non-refundable booking fee is required with a signed contract to secure your date.

For 2021 Weddings, THERE will be an increase of approximately 10% to account for inflation. // An additional hour on your wedding day will be charged at R 3000 ( R1500 for 30 min). // Please provide food and seating for us among the guest. // Wedding preview available 1-2 weeks after your wedding. Post-production 8-12 weeks (depending on the wedding season)

Wessel + Mari-Louise

20 June 2019, Vitznau, Switzerland