He asked, and you said YES! Here are a few tips to help you with your engagement shoot


He put a ring on it, and now what??

Find a venue! -"yes!!!"

Pick a date! - "check!"

Photographer? - "booked her!"

Engagement shoot? - "err??"


Don't sweat. I wrote this article to help, inspire and, well, amuse you. Here are a few tips for nailing your engagement photos that I've learned over the years.

From what to wear to where to go, keep these things in mind for your upcoming photo shoot!


Yep, that is my number one tip. That's easy, right?

I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. Think about how you interact when you're at home and don't hide it. Embrace both the goofy laughter and quiet moments. I will, of course, guide you through all of this as we shoot, but I need you to meet me halfway and allow me into your intimacy.

Engagement tips


You may have heard that there are certain times of the day that are better for taking photos and that's so true! Any photographer worth their salt will tell you that lighting is EVERYTHING!

Do you want that romantic golden glow? Then schedule your engagement photo session to start before Golden Hour! Or if you like it darker and moody, then make it rain!!! Simply ask Google for the exact time of the sunset is, and schedule your session about an hour before, so we have plenty of time to capture all that pretty light. 


I've experienced this time and time again: You're wearing new itchy clothes, your hair is done and being in front of a camera is a new experience. Of course you're going to be a little nervous! Breathe and relax, you are doing this with your best friend by your side and "Slytherin will help you on your way to glory"- No? :D Oaky, then just be YOU! This seems obvious, but sometimes it's tough to really commit to it. I want the dynamic between you to set the tone and mood of the shoot. Don't worry about what you think or have seen in other sessions. 


Now this one comes straight out of Junebugweddings' article:  8Tipse for nailing your engagement photos. And I couldn't agree more!! (Go and read this article too, it is terrific!)

"One of the best pieces of advice we've heard from photographers is to make your engagement session part of a day-long date. Not only does this give you plenty of time for photos without feeling rushed, but starting your day in this mindset helps you feel connected and romantic as you head into the photoshoot."


This is definitely a difficult one. It is and it isn't all about the location. Rather, it is about how you fit into and interact with the location. The setting, location, and the weather will drastically affect your mood and the mood of the photographs, so I want to make sure you're surrounded by what you love.

So think about what you really love as a couple and what places reflect your chemistry. Whether  that’s in your own home, a walk with your pup at your favorite parkDoing some laundry or dancing in the rain. Are you an adventurous couple who spends your weekends' hiking? Take your photos in the forest or mountains. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite activities like riding bikes or taking a canoe down to the lake.

This being said, having too many location changes can eat into or shooting time. So be warned.


This really should go without saying, but you are going to get the best results by hiring the best vendors. Uh, yeah, like me! - find more professionals like me on my vendor directory.

Your engagement is such a special chapter in your life and your relationship, so let's celebrate this milestone and commemorate it with beautiful photos! If possible, I highly recommend booking your engagement photos with your wedding photographer and scheduling your hair and makeup trial on the day of your shoot. This allows you to get pampered, comfortable and connect with your photographer before your big day, making for even better photos from your wedding.


Now, seeing that I am not a fashionista or trendsetter and fashion changes so rapidly, I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't wear. But there are sooo many blogs out there, that can help you. So go read them here.

But I do have some general advice:

Be comfortable

Be yourself

Wear something that makes you feel like a million bokke!

And ask yourself if it fits with the location?

Speaking of what you wear- be sure to de-wrinkle your clothes before your session. A photographer's least favourite question is "can you just Photoshop that out later?" Oftentimes having things like wrinkles retouched in your photos comes at an additional cost per image. Save yourself the stress and get wrinkle-free ahead of time!


Candid moments are the best, right? Whether it's your engagement session or your wedding day, I cannot stress this enough! Allow your photographer the freedom to capture all the candid moments they can get! Don't get me wrong, posed shots are great, but the real magic happens during those in-between moments when you've both forgotten about me and my camera (Betty).

For the engagement shoot leave the big bags, cell phone and even keys in the car and don't worry about the extra stuff that you might need. I want you to be light on your feet and mobile because I will shoot all those little in-between moments. Adding extra props or bags tends to make spontaneous shooting more difficult, so minimalism is the way to go!


And I don't just mean the weather. I want you to embrace the rocks, the dirt, the paths less travelled, the wind messing up your hair, your dress getting dirty, and all the other spontaneous and "imperfect" elements. If it starts to rain, we'll keep shooting and have fun with it! If we have to stop between each shot to flatten out your hair or fluff up your dress, the whole natural vibe will be thrown off. I want to keep it natural and honest, so just let go!


The best for last! If you haven't spent a lot of time in front of a camera (and let's face it – who has?) you may be pretty nervous when you see a big-ass lens pointed at you. A quick way to loosen up while still getting great photos is to go in for a kiss! It really doesn't matter where the kiss ends up! Not only will you connect with your partner, but you will forget that the camera is even around.