“Anandi is really professional and a dream for any bride to have by her side on their special day!!!”

—Emma Louise de Ricquebourg

How incredible did those photos turn out!
Thank you so much, truly you captured that short time with the family so well.
And you gave us way more than we'd bargained for, this day will forever be in our hearts and on our walls.
You did our family the greatest service, we are so grateful for your talents.”

—Molly Hicks

“You have literally just made my day and put a huge smile on my face!!!!!😁😁😁
These are amazing!! You caught all the “in-between” moments which I love!!❤️❤️ Literally cannot stop smiling!!”

—Chavonne Foord

“When it comes to photography, there’s a whole lot of average, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. If you want somebody who promises horses with a stick on horn and gives you a actual UNICORN!!! you came to the right place. We drooled over Anandi’s portfolio, I loved the moody/artsy vibe her photos brought. We hoped that we’d get something even half as good as her other weddings! We weren't disappointed at all – the shots we got back were insanely good!! Anandi is an amazing photographer with an equal am”

—Kathleen Coetzee

“Haar entoesiasme is aansteeklik! Haar warm persoonlikheid en glimlag stel jou dadelik op jou gemak.Sal verseker van haar in die toekoms gebruik maak! Mal oor haar fotografie styl. Xxx”

—Brigitte Rawlins

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